The music of Umour (Umour is not a band)

Welcome to The Umourphonium. Here you will find the music of Umour. Umour is not a band. Umour studies the struggle between order and chaos, or rather, the primacy of chaos in the face of an attempt at order.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Junky Project

320kb rips for free download:

Umour - Junky Part 1.mp3

Umour - Junky Part 2.mp3

Ritual performed by The Umour Ritual Specialists
and The Anderson Brothers
Recorded June 24, 2006 at The Barn At Lane Gate, Cold Spring, NY

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Umour Live At Lane Gate

320kb rips for free download:

01 Introduction.mp3

02 Personal Cleanliness.mp3

03 Bill In Mexico City.mp3

04 Junky Beau Brumel.mp3

05 Albino Terrorist.mp3

06 A Friendly Song.mp3

Recorded live at The Lane Gate Manor 2006
Ritual Performed by Loudmouth Bill, Kol Marshall and Kane