The music of Umour (Umour is not a band)

Welcome to The Umourphonium. Here you will find the music of Umour. Umour is not a band. Umour studies the struggle between order and chaos, or rather, the primacy of chaos in the face of an attempt at order.

Monday, February 26, 2007

More Pink Pigs Head

320kb rips for free download:

01 A Word To Girls.mp3

02 Yesterday's Tomorrow.mp3

03 The Frogs Who Wished For a King.mp3

04 The Postcard.mp3

05 Pudgy The Beaver.mp3

06 Face The Music.mp3

07 Vignettes.mp3

08 The Pile Song.mp3

09 The All.mp3

10 Vignetttes 2.mp3

11 Face The Music Remix.mp3

Spoken words: Loudmouth Bill
Singing: Nick Kane and Kol Marshall
Drums: Larry Lubkurt
Instruments and Arrangements: Kol Marshall
Produced by Kol Marshalll
Recorded in 2007 at Leopard Recording Studio
Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved.

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